How to Start a Rage Room Business in 2023

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5 min readJul 24, 2023

Last Updated: 12/17/2023

Starting a Rage Room Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re like me, you’ve probably felt frustrated enough to want to smash something into pieces! A rage room offers a genius way to let people safely take out their anger by wrecking stuff. I got super excited when I first heard about rage rooms — it’s such a wild business idea!

If you also think opening a rage room could be massively profitable, here’s my step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Research the Market

First things first — make sure there’s enough interest for a rage room in your area. I’d search online to see if any already exist nearby. You could join some local Facebook groups and ask people if they’d check out a rage room. Maybe even do a little survey among your friends to get their take.

If there are successful rage rooms around you, that’s actually a good sign! It means there’s a solid customer base. You’d just need to have competitive pricing or something unique. If there aren’t any others though, you’d be breaking new ground which is exciting but riskier.

Create a Business Plan

Once you know people want to smash stuff, it’s time to write up a business plan. This would cover things like a company overview, startup costs, location details, equipment requirements, safety stuff, pricing ideas, marketing plan, financial projections — all the nitty gritty details. Having a rock solid business plan is super important for getting funding and loans.

Figuring out startup costs is crucial. The big stuff will be rental space, building materials, safety gear, inventory to smash, insurance, marketing, employees, etc. I’d budget $30,000 — $150,000 to be safe.

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Find the Right Location

You’ll want a place in a busy area with parking. Something like a 2,000–5,000 square foot warehouse would be perfect. Make sure the floors can handle constant smashing without getting totally thrashed. Soundproofing is non-negotiable so you don’t make the neighbors rage!

Build Out the Space

Design the layout to maximize smashing opportunities. Have a lobby, a gear-up room, and then the rage room itself. Use hardcore materials like plywood and steel so people can go wild. Build awesome stuff to smash like TVs, computers, bottles, furniture — anything that shatters. Make sure to have rad safety doors and instruction signs. You’ll need a control room too to watch for safety issues.

Follow Safety Rules

Customer safety has to be priority #1. Require liability waivers from everyone. Set ground rules like no face smashing or body slamming. Use tempered glass to make sure breaking stuff is less dangerous. Give people full gear — helmet, face shield, suits, gloves — the works. Only let a person or two rage at a time. Have first aid and fire extinguishers on standby just in case. And hire pro staff to keep an eye on everyone.

Get Insurance Coverage

Talk to some business insurance brokers to get the right liability and property insurance. It’ll cost ya, but it’s non-negotiable. You’ll need coverage for customers, employees, the building, etc.

Price Your Services

Maybe charge hourly rental fees starting at like $25-$50 during the week, and $50-$100 on weekends per person. Offer sweet packages like “The Relationship Terminator” for couples. Sell additional stuff to smash for extra fees. Give group discounts. Let people book online for max convenience.

Stock Your Arsenal

Make a detailed inventory spreadsheet of all your smashable stuff and quantities. Get donations if you can or hit up thrift shops and yard sales to score major deals. Keep that inventory stacked so people always have tons to destroy!

Spread the Word

Promote your grand opening hard on social media and with local ads. Run Facebook campaigns targeting nearby areas. Partner with similar businesses like gyms, bars, axe throwing places for cross-promotion. Pass out flyers and coupons. Throw a huge launch party or charity event. Get reporters to cover your rage room for free publicity.

Provide Epic Customer Service

Safety, stress relief, and fun should be your top concerns. Hire pumped up staff who get people amped to smash stuff. Listen to feedback and offer deals for return customers. Suggest extra protective gear for newbies. Keep the adrenaline going by handing out more breakables during sessions. Crank the tunes!

If you follow these steps, you’ll be all set to open an outrageously exciting rage room! Just remember to have proper safety gear, trained staff, and super sturdy stuff to smash. With a well-planned business and awesome customer service, your rage room will be a smashing success in no time!

Need a Rage Room Business Plan?

Create a custom business plan with financial projections and market research in minutes with ProAI’s business plan generator.

Rage Room Financial Forecasts

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Example Startup Expense Breakdown for a Rage Room

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Example Rage Room Revenue Forecasts

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items can customers smash in a rage room?

We provide a wide variety of smashable items for customers to destroy. This includes glasses, bottles, electronics like printers and laptops, furniture like chairs and small tables, and other household objects. For safety, all items are carefully prepared to break easily during a rage room session.

How much protective gear do customers wear?

Full protective gear is required for safety. This includes a helmet, face shield, padded overalls, steel toed boots, and gloves. The gear protects customers from any shards or debris as they demolish objects in the rage room. Proper gear prevents injuries and allows for carefree smashing.

Can customers bring their own items to smash?

For safety and logistical reasons, we do not allow outside items to be smashed. We carefully source and set up our inventory of breakable items. However, if a customer has a specific request, we will try our best to accommodate them. Just give us advance notice so we can prepare the items.

What if a customer wants to cancel or reschedule?

We understand plans change. Cancellations or rescheduling is allowed up 48 hours before your booked appointment for a full refund. If done 24 hours or less in advance, there is a 50% cancellation fee. No shows are non-refundable. We aim to be flexible within reason.

Do you offer any packages or discounts?

Yes! We offer a variety of package deals to help make rage room smashing more affordable and fun. This includes options for couples, coworkers, birthday parties, bachelorette groups, and more. We also provide discounts for first-time customers, bulk bookings, students, military, and responders. Just ask us how we can customize your experience.